By the request of one of the largest trucking companies in the United States, Brooklyn Bedding has engineered and developed The Mattress Fuel Bucket.

Designed for over the road trucking companies, this mattress has the capabilities of containing up to 60 gallons of fuel in the unlikely event of a fuel spill. Whether it’s a punctured hole in a tank, a broken fuel line, hydraulic hose or any hazardous material spill, The Mattress Fuel Bucket has the capabilities to contain the spill for you.

How it works:

There is no additional storage space needed. The Mattress Fuel Bucket is designed that the driver can comfortably sleep on it. Once a spill is detected, a driver simply takes out his mattress and slides it under the spill. Once the mattress is in place and it’s containing the spill, he then can call for help and proceed with additional methods of stopping the spill. The Mattress Fuel Bucket is a stop gap that potentially saves your company thousands of dollars in clean up costs.

What Do I Do with the Mattress After the Spill?

Please watch our demonstration video below. We used a 12-volt pump and were able to remove up to 85% of the fuel in the mattress. Of course, the mattress will then need to be properly disposed.

Is the Mattress Comfortable?

We haven’t changed the comfort or the durability of the mattress – your drivers won’t even be able to tell the difference.

Short Demo

How do I get one?

Please fill out the contact form below, or call John Merwin at (602) 446-8337.

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  • Wredan:

    This is crazy. I have been looking for something to save my company money in fuel spills and this couldn’t be easier. Please contact me.

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